Forest Apple and healers

Forest Apple and healers
January 19, 2016 People & Plants

Forest Apple

Malus siversi

Forest apples are grown in Qarotegin, Darvoz, Hazratshoh, Hisor, Qurama, Zarafshon and Western Pamir (at altitude of 1000 – 2500 meters above sea level). The Central Asia is considered as a homeland for the forest apple and healers. From ancient times different varieties of apples are well known among Tajiks such as: lataseb, chainakseb, barzangseb, surkhaki javpazak, Abusaidi apple, naboti apple, rakhshak, sebi tiramohi, qosimsarkori, shohinseb, chubseb, sebi pashmak, chamanseb, chashmai guli, amrudseb, kabudseb, etc.

Apple is used fresh, for preparing jam, compote, canned food, fruit jelly/paste, marshmallow sticks, sorbet as well as confectionery. Apple contains sugar, cellulose, starch, pectin agents, organic acids, (apple and lemon kernel), С, В1, В2, В6 vitamins, carotene (provitamin А) macro and micro nutrients.

Forest Apple and healers recommended to use for treating gastric disorder, poor appetite, blood diarrhea, for normalization of the internals’ function, prevention of indigestion and whet one’s appetite.