January 23, 2016 Nicolas


Origanum tyttanthum

ORIGANUM (Origanum tyttanthum), subinak, mountain mint is a all- year plant. Its height ranges from 20 to 90 centimeters. It is in blossom in June – August, makes fruits in July- September. It grows in grassland, subalpine meadow, steppes, rocky slopes of Qurama, Zarafshon, Hissor and Darvoz mountain ranges, in Southern Eastern districts of Tajikistan.

According to Avicenna, this plant plays a role of removing sticky compound of chest and lungs and also diuretic (agent). Drinking tea prepared out of mint is useful for eliminating sadness and feeling sickness. It is brought up in “Makhzan-ul-adviya” it’s a remedy for a disease called kulinj (қулинҷ), also it is a good diuretic agent, crushes stones in kidney and urine bladder.
Traditional healers use it for treatment of various diseases; decoction and tea prepared out of it are applied at heart disease, women’s diseases, chill, cough, insomnia, pulmonary tuberculosis, kidney diseases, blood disturbance and whet one’s appetite. The leaves and stables are crushed and applied on spots at carbuncle and furuncle. In contemporary medicine the origanum is added to the other medical compounds for treating insomnia, nervous disorder, inflammation, gastric disorder and used as a mean of whetting one’s appetite, removing phlegm and anti – inflammation.