Walnut remedy
January 23, 2016 Nicolas

Walnut remedy

Juglans regia

WALNUT remedy (Juglans regia) girdu, javz (kind of grapes) is a large tree with many branches. Its height ranges from 20 to 35 meters. Natural walnut mainly grows in Turkistan, Hissor, Qaroitegin, Peter the 1st, Vakhsh, Darvoz and Hazratshoh mountain ranges, Zarafshon valley, partially in Western Pamir (Vanj, Yazghulom, Shughnon and Rushon).

Bocrat considered the unripe walnut as a remedy for removing helminthes. According to Avicenna, the mixture of walnut, figs and rue is a remedy for any kind of poison. Leave and walnut coat stops bleeding. Avicenna used to treat gastric, neurologic, kidney, blind gut, etc. diseases with walnut. In the book “Makhzan–ul – Adviya” by Muhammad Husain is noted that walnut makes the body soft and eliminates edemas. It is useful at gastric disorders, strengthens brain, heart and kidney, increases sensitivity, use of walnut by elderly people is very healthy. If to eat walnut for five days helminthes will excrete from the body, pain in the small of one’s back and twisted umbilicus will be eliminated.

According to traditional healers, walnut is a very soft food, makes internal organs smooth, and also it is good and favorable for elderly people. Eating walnut ponded together with fig makes the hardened inside organs smooth and soft. Eating lots of walnuts will favor to excretion of stomach tapeworms from the body. If to make a jam out of walnut and honey and eat it, then it will favor to sound condition of kidney. If rinse the mouth with the green walnut peel, it will eliminate swell in gums and strengthen teeth. If pound dried walnut peels and apply on wound, it will heal the wound. Unripe walnut kills ascarids and tapeworm.

Residents of Vanj, Ishkoshim, Qalai Khum districts add walnut to shirchoi (a tea with milk), that is very healthy for those people who suffer from heart and vein, gastric and intestine diseases.

Walnut oil has been used from old days as a remedy for removing helminthes and purge as well as treating various diseases like poor eye, kidney, livers, urinary system, pneumonia, kidney stones’ pain. Also at earache it is dropped into ear, applied on burnt spots and spread on long time healed wounds.