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  • Apples from the wild forest of Tajikistan

    Apples from the wild forest of Tajikistan

    There is a story among the Tajik people, when you wake up in the morning and can’t find an apple to eat you have to say loudly the word “apple” three times. This will put you in pleasant mood all day!

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  • Craddle of the apple tree

    Craddle of the apple tree

    Khovaling, because of its good location, has a favorable environment for growing a diversity of fruit trees and plants including rhubarb, knotweed, sea-buckthorn, mint… and of course the traditional apple, that Tagaygul is focusing on.

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  • Tajikistan artist and musician

    Tajikistan artist and musician

    Internationally recognized artist, skilled traditional folk instrument maker and actor Musavvar Minakov was a master of the arts of Tajikistan. His life was full of love, and Musavvar Minakov introduced traditional Tajik musical instruments to the other countries of the world. He lived in peace with nature, and nature was a powerful source of inspiration for him.

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  • Childukhtaron valley rich biodiversity

    Childukhtaron valley rich biodiversity

    Tillo Boboev is the founder of the famous Kulyap Botanical garden in Tajikistan. Expert in biodiversity, he talks about the necesity to preserve the traditional plant knowledge and use in our modern society.

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  • Traditional healers and herbalists

    Meet traditional healers and herbalists Shirinbek Davlatmamadov and Imumyour Jalolov at their home – sharing some of the unique recipes that can only be made by someone who has a strong connection with nature and a longtime experience in understanding the use of plants.

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  • Local biodiversity preservation

    Local biodiversity preservation

    There is an old Tajik tradition that everyone in his life is supposed to plant a tree. This is a good deed that stays for future generations living beyond each person’s life. You can find people in every corner of Tajikistan that understand the meaning of these words and dedicate their lives to creating gardens. Mirzosho Akobirov is one of them who has been creating gardens in Rasht valley for a very long time. He believes that if a person does not like nature then he cannot appreciate it. “When I was young, my father and I used to go to the surrounding hills where my father gathered wild varieties of apples to bring home to plant.”

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