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  • Apples from the wild forest of Tajikistan

    Apples from the wild forest of Tajikistan

    There is a story among the Tajik people, when you wake up in the morning and can’t find an apple to eat you have to say loudly the word “apple” three times. This will put you in pleasant mood all day!

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  • Craddle of the apple tree

    Craddle of the apple tree

    Khovaling, because of its good location, has a favorable environment for growing a diversity of fruit trees and plants including rhubarb, knotweed, sea-buckthorn, mint… and of course the traditional apple, that Tagaygul is focusing on.

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  • Childukhtaron valley rich biodiversity

    Childukhtaron valley rich biodiversity

    Tillo Boboev is the founder of the famous Kulyap Botanical garden in Tajikistan. Expert in biodiversity, he talks about the necesity to preserve the traditional plant knowledge and use in our modern society.

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