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  • Apples from the wild forest of Tajikistan

    Apples from the wild forest of Tajikistan

    There is a story among the Tajik people, when you wake up in the morning and can’t find an apple…

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  • Craddle of the apple tree

    Craddle of the apple tree

    Khovaling, because of its good location, has a favorable environment for growing a diversity of fruit trees and plants including…

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  • Tajikistan artist and musician

    Tajikistan artist and musician

    Internationally recognized artist, skilled traditional folk instrument maker and actor Musavvar Minakov was a master of the arts of Tajikistan.…

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  • Childukhtaron valley rich biodiversity

    Childukhtaron valley rich biodiversity

    Tillo Boboev is the founder of the famous Kulyap Botanical garden in Tajikistan. Expert in biodiversity, he talks about the…

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  • Traditional healers and herbalists

    Meet traditional healers and herbalists Shirinbek Davlatmamadov and Imumyour Jalolov at their home – sharing some of the unique recipes…

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  • Local biodiversity preservation

    Local biodiversity preservation

    There is an old Tajik tradition that everyone in his life is supposed to plant a tree. This is a…

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